Senior Advisers in English

Short Presentation Senior Advisers English

SA Introduction version 1.5e


We are eager to assist your business

In our network, we have people who have been in similar situations to the one you are in now

– our passion is to support you and your organization to be successful!


As a Network of Experienced Business Professionals, we:

  • strive to improve growth and profitability in our client’s businesses
  • have hands-on competence with regards to organizational management
  • cover a wide range of competencies from CEO to functional specialists
  • draw on experiences working in Sweden as well as internationally


Our services



  • Managing financing of a major project within mining
  • Interim assignment as Finance Director in …
  • Supporting a start-up company to apply for EU funding
  • Business development of a start-up within marine transport
  • Board Advisor to an Asian company for EU establishment
  • Vice President within international Business Development



All aspects involved in the generation of sustainable and profitable growth:

  • Plan
  • Organise
  • Launch
  • Drive and measure

Interim Management

Management and specialist competence:

  • Divisional head, Business Unit Manager
  • Corporate Vice President
  • Business development
  • R&D Management
  • Sales Executive
  • Finance, Economy,
  • IT Management
  • Human resource Manager


Nordic Establishment:

  • Market Studies
  • Contact Relevant Authorities
  • Company Registration
  • Company Acquisition / Due Diligence
  • Recruitment
  • Start-Up
  • Strategy Development
  • Interim Management
  • Partners

Turn Around

  • Reconstruction
  • Financing
  • Interim Management
  • Strategy Development
  • Future Team Development
  • Implementation
  • Packaging for Exit


Broad business experience:

  • Manufacturing industry, energy sector
  • ICT, Electronics, High Tech
  • “FMCG”, Trade
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Property ownership and maintenance (Real Estate)
  • Med Tech & Life Science
  • Public sector
  • Non-profit organizations

Counselling the Board of Directors:

  • Establishing a professional Board Process
  • Strategy Work-shops
  • Basic Training in Corporate Governance and Law
  • Advisory Board

Growth Generator

A structured approach and a proven set of tools:

  • Generate Quicker Growth
  • Improve Profitability
  • Introduce Target Driven Process Development
  • Release Energy and Creativity
  • Support Experienced Driven Change
  • Enable Transparent Risk Management