Partners to senior advisers

Senior Advisers has several complementary partnerships and collaborations with a network of organizations. 

Often the nature of the why, what, when, where and how of the services provided, and to whom of our partners and clients, remain confidential and classified information and thus restrict a public listing.

”Scandinavian Executive provides a network of over 4000 professional interim consultants for assignments and possible recruitment of key roles in management, finance, HR, IT, marketing, sales, operations and project management.

Scandinavian Executive offers a transparent price-model for both consultant and customer, delivers consultants within 1-3 days depending on urgency to large corporate customers as well as the SME segment.” 

"Senior Partners Management AB has for 50 years offered management support to the private and the public sector in Sweden. All our Partners and members, in network SEPAM, have extensive experience from leading positions within the Swedish trade and industry as well as the public sector.
We offer Partners and consultants with high accessibility, wide competence and long experience to create distinct and measurable results for our customers."

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